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Solar PV Installers and Energy Assessors

MCS & HETAS Accredited Installers. RECC accredited.

OCDEA (new build) EPC's, DEA (existing dwellings) EPC's, CSH & Green Deal Advisors.

System Designers & Installers of Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heat pumps, Biomass & Solid Fuel systems.

Hello & Welcome

Based in Brigg, North Lincolnshire, LEEP Ltd is an independent MCS accredited Solar PV Micro Generation Systems (Designer &) Installer, and Energy Assessment company. Our small dedicated team of professionals provide clients with the correct and most appropriate energy saving/generating solutions to their individual situations.

We offer all clients (whether homeowners, businesses, property developers, social housing associations, builders or local authorities) an initial free consultation, to elaborate on just how many possible options are available to them. This often surprises clients who are amazed as to how simple and cost effective some of the solutions can be.

Whether evaluating a dwelling/building(s) for Solar PV or an Energy Assessment we utilise proven and accredited assessment/investigation procedures to substantiate our energy saving/producing and financial conclusions, enabling client decisions to be based on hard facts rather than fantastical claims of untold wealth!

Energy and energy costs are no longer insignificant factors in our home or work lives. It is certain the cost of our primary fuels (electricity, gas, lpg & oil) will continue to increase much faster than inflation and almost certainly at a faster rate than individuals/corporate incomes.

When it is very difficult, especially in this economic climate to generate income –

continue to "leak" money unnecessarily?
not find out how much a Solar PV system can generate financially for you?

Attached are web pages detailing the services and products we offer/provide.

We do of course hope we will be working with you shortly, but in the meantime should you wish to have a no obligation, free consultation or perhaps just a discussion please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully

Steve Abbott

The Gables, 21 Manley Gardens, Brigg, N.Lincs. DN20 8LW